Ben and Jackie Mereness

Ben and Jackie Mereness

Ben has been serving as a Regional Director for Eastern European Mission since September 2007. Jackie attended Lubbock Christian until her marriage to Ben on May 23, 1975.  They live in Amarillo, Texas. 

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African Christian College


In 1967, Christians at the Montgomery Blvd Church of Christ in Albuquerque, New Mexico opened the Church of Christ Bible College. Back then, few would imagine the school would grow to become Manzini Bible School and, now, African Christian College with alumni from throughout Africa serving God’s kingdom.

What would have been even more unimaginable in 1967? 14,000 macadamia trees on the campus that help provide employment and revenue for the college’s operation. On September 7‐10, 2017, hundreds of alumni, students, former staff, board members, and Christians from Southern Africa gathered on the African Christian College campus to celebrate fifty years of God at work.

Attendees were encouraged with biblical lessons from great speakers – including special guests Jerry Taylor and Rick Atchley who led a seminar for preachers the first day – and everyone was uplifted by inspiring worship.



LCCC participates in various reconstruction projects across Mexico, to assist communities in rebuilding structures, water and electrical systems, as well as spiritual community growth.



Kodada, Kenya

Kodada Education Center (KEC): Sponsored by Kodada Church of Christ.

This is an on-going effort begun in 2008. The school is primarily for orphans. It consists of grades K through 8. LCCC has provided funds for a program to feed these children and to build classrooms. The attendance is between 100 and 150 children per term. They are blessed to be able to teach scripture as well as academics.